Since I was the eldest daughter in the family, they threated me very special. My grand mother, aunts and uncles used to call me “Atita”.  I loved the way they call me “Atita but I never asked what’s the history behind this nickname. Sometimes my aunt still called me “Atita” and it reminded me of my grandma. My grandma spoiled me a lot. She said that I was her favorite grandchild. She always took a good care of me, way better than my mom ;p Even she has been passed away like almost ten years ago, I never forgot bout her.
           In the age of five, me and my main family moved to Medan.They gave me another nickname “Atid”. Slightly the same but still cute though ;p 
Me and my family were moving around quite frequent because of my father’s duties. From Medan we moved to Palangkaraya and couple years after, me myself studied in Yogyakarta. 
           After graduated from High school the whole family moved to Jakarta and we stay here for good. My college friends gave me a custom nickname for “Astrid”, it’s “Acied”. I also made many friends at church and they call me “Acied” as well. til now šŸ˜€
           So these were little stories behind my nicknames. I thank God for giving me such beautiful journey in life, and these were just very small pieces of them.
smile šŸ™‚ 

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