Freskon Alluring Eyes, colour: Magnetic grey

Hello there!!
I want to show you guys my Holy Grail Contact lense. It is from FRESHKON. I don’t know exactly where is it originally from, but I am glad that it’s available in my country.

The product I loveeee is Alluring Eyes. It has 4 (four) beautiful colours :
1.Winsome Brown
2.Mystical Black
3.Mesmeric Black
4.Magnetic Grey


My everlasting love is Magnetic grey!! I even wore it on my wedding day… I love the colour because it gives me a natural look and it matches me the most. Mystical Black suits for the one who like a dolly look and Mesmeric Black is quite the same but less dramatic than Mystical Black. I also love Winsome Brown but sometimes I find it is more natural than Magnetic grey. So since the Magnetic grey is not available in big store like Optik Seis and only available in Popular Optik (ITC Kuningan), I kinda love to switch them one another.

Take a look this photo 😘


How do you think? And down below was close up photo on my wedding day.. I looooveeeeedddd it!!!


So, if you ever tried this contact lense, feel free to share your thoughts with me.. Just give comments down below and… thank you for your time!

lots of love,


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