Hello beauty lovers..

Recently I bought “BIORE MAKE UP REMOVER CLEANSING OIL” from Watson. I have tried it for about a week and I love it! So now I`m going to give a review on this product.

I love to wear make up on the weekend whenever I go out on Saturday night and go to Church on Sunday. I`d love to wear make up everyday but unfortunately I can`t. My skin is very oily and very acne prone. My dermatologist never suggest me to wear make up daily but occasionally. Because I have a terrible acne prone skin, I need a good cleanser. In terms of make up with foundation, eye makeup, contour, lips, and everything going on, I need a cleansing oil. Cleansing oil will easier remove all the make up without irritating the skin.

There are some brands that I know have cleansing oil such as MAC, NARS, the famous SHU UEMURA, and many others but they`re very expensive. I don`t think it`s worth the money to have them. So I`m very happy because I finally found drugstore brands that provide cleansing oils here in Indonesia. One that I bought from Watson is “BIORE MAKE UP REMOVER CLEANSING OIL”.



“BIORE”claims that the product can remove heavy make up gently and remove waterproof mascara fast and easy. Effectively mix all the make up, cleanse all the dirt and oil on the face without feeling greasy and sticky. Unclogged pores, gentle, and safe for the skin. Have fruity scents.

Here is the picture of my face with full make up. As you can see my mascara is very thick.


Down below is how I cleanse my face with “BIORE MAKE UP REMOVER CLEANSING OIL”.

All you have to do is pump it about 4 – 5 times to cover all over the face. Remember to do the whole face first except the eyes area. And do the eyes area for the last. And then rinse the face.

The consistency of this product is pretty much like oil.




I apologize for the disturbing acne that I have in the photo. My skin got worse because I changed my skincare product lately.

Let’s get into the review.
1. The packaging is nice. Clear purple plastic with a pump. It helps us to get the exact amount.
2. This product is amazing. I love it so much. It does all the claims. It is very gentle. It removes all
heavy make up and even a waterproof mascara (mine is Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara
Ultra Black).
3. Yes, it is oil but it doesn’t feel greasy and sticky at all. It works well for me.
4. It has an apple scent which is very fresh.
5. The price is about IDR.88.000. Nett 150 ml. Doesn’t hurt me đŸ™‚
6. Definitely will repruchase!!


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